Happy family Alan and Ryan

Alan Sherwood, originally named Allan Sherwood, is a discontinued Barbie character.

In 1991 Allan®,   with the spelling of his name changed to Alan™, was available again for a one time stint.   The event was a marriage to his long time girlfriend Midge® ( also available in a six doll Gift Set or individually).  Midge® and Alan™ are pictured as Mom and Dad in the booklets the year after the wedding dolls were released, with twins (a boy and a girl).  Mattel used the Wedding Day Midge® and Alan™ dolls for the promotional pictures (pictured below).  Unfortunately, none of the dolls made it into production.  "Bride" Midge® continued to be part of the Barbie® doll friend line, mostly in the swim line of dolls.

In December 2002, Alan makes his third appearance in a new family doll line from Mattel called Happy Family™.  The Happy Family™ was very similar to doll line from Mattel in the mid-70's, called the Sunshine Family™ doll line and also Mattel's next family doll line, The Heart Family™ (1985-1990) grew to EPIC proportions in just five years.  The Happy Family™ line of  dolls places three existing Barbie® doll friends (Midge®, Alan® and Ryan™) in their own line, making the longevity of each existing friend added to the Happy Family™ line stretching from 40+ years to not quite a year.

Original alan doll from the 1960s