Barbie: Jet, Set & Style! The Mini Game is a browser game based on Barbie: Jet, Set & Style!


"In this mini game promoting the Barbie Jet, Set & Style console game, players must first fly from Los Angeles to the Jet Set Salon in Milan Italy - then stylize and dress up Barbie to get her ready for the Global Glam Fashion Show!"
— Jet Morgan Games[1]


"Help Barbie fly in the Jet Set Salon from Los Angeles to Milan for the Global Glam Fashion Show!"
— Main menu

The player controls the Jet Set Salon through the sky and collects heart shapes with the Barbie head logo on them. Collecting the hearts increases the player's score, and bonus points are give if they collect multiple hearts. Storm clouds negatively affect the Jet Set Salon. When the player has finished flying, the Jet Set Salon lands in Milan and gets Barbie ready for the Global Glam Fashion Show.

The player can change Barbie's skin tone, and there are nine hair style options. There are six options for hair, eye and lipstick colors. Players can choose between six tops and bottoms, or they can make Barbie wear a dress.


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