Barbie movie |image = Barbie_Birthday_Party.png |name = Barbie Birthday Party at Walt Disney World Epcot '94 |released = 1994 |time = 30 minutes |genre = |studio = |distributor = Mattel Entertainment |soundtrack = |director = Susan Kosar Beery |producer = Aki Umemoto |writer = Susan Kosar Beery |music = |preceded = Dance! Workout with Barbie |followed = Kelly Dream Club

Barbie Birthday Party at Walt Disney World Epcot '94 was released by Mattel on VHS in 1994. It is 30 minutes long and was only available with the purchase of certain Barbie dolls. "The Magical World of Barbie" starred Beth McShane as Barbie.

Official Summary

"It's Totally Cool It's Totally Incredible It's a Barbie Birthday Party

Celebrate with Barbie and her friends at the new live Barbie Show at Epcot. Plus, see an exciting preview of new 1994 Barbie dolls and fashions.

Celebrate with Barbie and her two totally hip friends, Lisa and Stephanie. They'll take you on a worldwide adventure through Walt Disney World Epcot '94, and go behind the scenes to experience the making of the fabulous new live Magical World of Barbie Stage Show. Without ever leaving Epcot, Lisa and Stephanie have fun with pinatas in Mexico, origami in Japan, pasta in Italy, and more! You'll meet friends from all over the world who send along special birthday wishes for Barbie.

WOW! It's time to get ready for the Barbie Stage Show. Lisa and Stephanie will take you backstage where you'll experience everything from set building to hair styling. What's more, you'll actually see Barbie and her friends dancing and singing in great costumes in an exciting sneak peek of the new show.

You'll love every action-packed minute! Happy Birthday Barbie!"

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