Barbie jobs
The following article is a complete listing of all of the "careers" or occupation-based outfits that the Barbie Doll has been portrayed in throughout the toy line's history, such as Veterinarian Barbie, Supermodel Barbie, etc.


[hide]*1 Education

[edit] Education

  • Aerobics instructor (1984, I can be... Gymnastics Coach 2009)
  • Art teacher (2002)
  • Dance teacher
  • Elementary teacher (1985, 1992, 1995, 1996, 2006)
  • Sign language teacher (1999)
  • Spanish language teacher (2001)
  • Student teacher (1965)
  • Swim teacher (2005, I can be... Swim Teacher 2008)
  • Special Education Teacher

[edit] Medicine

  • Dentist
  • Doctor (1988, Pediatrician 1994, I can be... Baby Doctor 2008)
  • Nurse (1961)
  • Surgeon (1973)
  • Veterinarian (I can be... Zoo Doctor 2008, I can be... Pet Vet 2009)

[edit] Military

[edit] Political

[edit] Public service

[edit] Science and Engineering

[edit] Transportation

[edit] Miscellaneous

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