Barbie Dream Boat, The Ultimate Seaside Adventure For Barbie & Her Friends! is a 1994 Mattel production, made in Mexico. Ship with Pool, Rear Bridge & Deck Rails, Table, Deck Chairs, Life Ring, Umbrellas & Posts, Lounge Chair, Dishes, Ice Bucket & Bottle, Tea Set with Cups, Pitcher & Tray, Bridge, Real Working Blender, Child-Size Cups or Ship "Smoke Stacks", Straws, Labels, S-Hook, Cleats, & . Cool Sleep Quarters for Slumber Parties, Gourmet Galley w/Fridge & Dishwasher opens/closes, Fold Out Deck for morning Breakfast or Evening Parties, Outdoor Lounge Chair to lay out by the Pool, a Real Working Blender to make Fruity Drinks![1]


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