Kelly friends world 3

Kelly is making friends all over the world, and learning a little bit about each of their countries at the same time. This set of three dolls--each only 4 inches tall--represents the nations of Spain, Holland, and Kenya. The Spanish girl is wearing a bright pink dress with black polka dots and black lace trim around the two ruffles of her skirt. Her hair is pulled back and topped with a broad comb, and she holds a gold plastic fan. The youngster from Holland is wearing a colorful frock made of a tulip print and bright yellow clogs. She is carrying a red watering can with a cardboard "bouquet" of tulips. Last, but not least, comes the young girl from Kenya. She wears a plaid dress, known as a rubeka, and a colorful collar and headband. She is accompanied by a tan cat with a fur collar that resembles a lion's mane.

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