Barbie Vlog 2 Favorite Fashion and Hairstyles01:46

Barbie Vlog 2 Favorite Fashion and Hairstyles

Barbie: Hi there! Post number two: Expressing yourself through your own personal style! My friends and I are all about changing our look. My hair, for example, is my blank canvas. I love to experiment and get creative. Here, let me show you some of my favorite looks!

This is fun and super easy. I woke up especially playful here. I love those hair colors that you can just wash out! I think I felt a little bit more serious in this one. Oh, I needed to ask my friends for help on this, but how cool is that?! And I love my hair just loose and wavy too. There's just so many different hairstyles to try.

I also experiment and play with fashion. I love taking an old t-shirt and making it feel fresh and new again. You can do that with tie-dye or fabric markers, or just cutting the sleeves off an old shirt. I like to use patches; I collect them. I love owls and I thought it was so cute to have him sitting on the number like that! Also, this one's from Chelsea 'cause she loves cupcakes. Whenever I wear this shirt, it makes me so happy, 'cause I just remeber the time we spent decorating it together.

So, my sign off for today? You've got to try new things to discover new things. Also, keep an eye out for some fun videos from my friends about their style ideas. P.A.C.E: Positive Attitude Changes Everything. Just think about it. Bye!

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