Barbie Vlog 3: What Type of Song Are You? Quiz

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What Type of Song Are You? Quiz is the third Barbie Vlog. In this video Barbie takes a music quiz to see what type of song she is.

Official Description

"Today I'm taking a quiz! Watch with me and find out what type of song I am! Leave your favorite types of songs in the comments below!"


  • Barbie has a photo of her, Nikki and Teresa together in the background.
  • "Raise Our Voices" from Barbie in Rock 'n Royals plays when Barbie does the electric slide.
  • The video suggestions that Barbie reads out (Draw My Life, room tour, and filming upside down) come from a NMR (New Media Rockstars) article.[1]
  • A link to the Barbie in Rock 'n Royals trailer is at the end of the vlog.
  • Barbie sings in the shower every day.
  • Barbie says she is is very curious, powerful, and likes to mix things together.
  • Barbie's favorite candy flavor is sour, chocolate and salty.
  • Barbie likes hot salsa on tacos, medium salsa on chips, and mild salsa on egg.
  • Barbie's favorite dream vacation is a camping safari in Africa.
  • Barbie is known to dance in public, and doodles without thinking.
  • Barbie is happy when she wakes up in the morning.
  • The first instrument that Barbie learned to play was the xylophone.
  • Barbie's favorite dance move is the electric slide.


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