The Barbie Wedding Cake Playset is a wedding cake-shaped playset. It was made in China, and the cake includes 3 AA batteries. The ring includes 1 non-replaceable AG7 (CR927) button cell battery.[1]


"The beautiful tiered wedding cake is a central feature of any wedding and girls will love the Barbie Wedding Cake Playset that lets them play out every detail of their special day! When girls open the cake the Wedding March plays! Comes with lots of decorating pieces for the cake arch and cake topper dolls that are also removable. Includes a sparkling engagement ring for the girl plus a girl-sized veil and tiara, too!"[2]


"Every girl's dream..."

"A bride wears a beautiful veil..."

"With pretty tiara too!"

"Beautiful!" "A ring that twinkles!"

"Touch the heart and..." "Wedding music fills the air."


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"The Wedding Cake"

"You are invited...


A wedding that's a dream away!"

"Decorate with pretty flowers... again and again."

"Open the cake and touch the heart!"

"The wedding music plays and the ring twinkles!"

"A drawer for your flowers!"

"Beautiful! Put on the ring and it twinkles, too!"

"The Bride
(Sold separately, subject to availability.)"

"Here comes the bride and groom!"