Template:InfoboxBarbie and her band The Sensations begin their trip back home to earth as planned. During the trip back to earth, on the space shuttle, they start to play a song called "Rockin Back", and a few seconds later a "time warp" tunnel forms in front of the shuttle. Then they see clocks going backward inside the tunnel, and the shuttle lands on a strange airport. After the landing they meet a Dr. Merrishaw and his daughter Kim, and learn they are in the year 1959. After a performance at Cape Canaveral, Dr. Merrishaw helps Barbie and the Sensations return to their time. Back in the present, they have a big concert, where Barbie is reunited with an adult Kim and meets her daughter Megan.


In order of appearance:

  • Rockin Back
  • Dressin Up
  • Do you wanna dance? (Bobby Freeman cover)
  • Here comes my baby (Cat Stevens cover)
  • Blue Jean Boy
  • Everybody Rocks
  • Ending Titles - Barbie and The Rockers Theme Instrumental


Originally released in 1987, "Barbie and the Sensations" employed standard 2-D cel animation.

  • Directors: Bernard Deyries and Bill Dubay
  • Writers: Bill Dubay, Martha Moran and Barbie creator Ruth Handler.
  • Producer: Eric S. Rollman.