Product Code: 821


Release Date: 1964

This is one of the most beautiful travel costumes from the exciting 1964 series! The red crepe kimono had a golden printed leaf design. A white scarf with snap was sewn into the neck of the kimono. Barbie® doll's obi was a rich gold and cream lamé. The beautiful accessories included three hair ornaments: a fabric flower with three metal dangles, a plastic orange and yellow stick, and a cluster of pink buds. Barbie® doll's shoes were thongs made of a red plastic sole with metallic silver insole and gold braid thong. The white nylon sock was attached to the thong - these were very fragile! Barbie® doll's samisen was molded of dark brown plastic with a white top and white elastic strings. There was a royal purple tassel on the end of the samisen. To complete the elegant look, there was a gold foil paper fan with black plastic frame. Don't try to open it; it is molded into a permanently closed position! A full-color travel pamphlet was included.

All images and descriptions courtesy of Collector Books, publisher of "Barbie Fashion: Volume 1" and "Barbie Fashion: Volume 2" by Sarah Sink Eames

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