Classic Evening Gown Barbie Doll

The Barbie Collection Description

"Black and White Collection™ Classic Evening Gown Barbie® doll is from the Platinum Label® Collection of Barbie® Collector and available exclusively to members of The Barbie Fan Club℠. Barbie® doll made her debut in 1959 with a pretty ponytail and the now classic black-and-white maillot. That famous zebra-print swimsuit reflected all of Barbie® doll's sophistication and foretold the inimitable style that would mesmerize us for the next 50 years and beyond. Black and White Collection™ Classic Evening Gown Barbie® reimagines her original B&W motif with a fresh interpretation. Her form fitting, white satin gown features a bold mermaid silhouette. The black tulle overdress is embellished with a lace appliqué and crystals. This homage to the original Barbie® doll completes her look with silvery earrings and bracelet. Classic Evening Gown Barbie® is third in the Black and White Collection™." [1]



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