Casey is the first friend of Francie.

The second doll in Francie's size, Casey, was issued as "Francie's Fun Friend" from 1967 and came in blonde and brunette. That same year a Twiggy doll {based on the famous fashion model} was also made, resembling Casey but with heavier painted-on "makeup". The Twiggy doll was made through 1968, and Casey through 1970. Casey returned briefly in 1975 as "Baggie Casey", but she was made with the same head mold as Francie.

In the 1971 Mattel catalog, there were pictures of a new doll named "Becky". She was made from the Casey head mold, was hand painted as shown in blonde, although prototypes of her were made in blonde, brunette and a redhead. Eventually, for reasons unknown, Mattel decided not to mass produce Becky. Some 1971 fashions were found in stores labeled as being for "Francie and her new friend Becky" and are highly sought after by collectors. In 2009, Mattel released the Becky doll called "Most Mod Party Becky", and featured Becky with ash blonde hair, with 3 outfits, shoes, brush, and cool accessories such as a phone, tray, drinks, party invitations, and record player with record.

Most Mod Becky