Jewel Girl Christie

Origin African-American
First Apperance 1968
Last Apperance 2005
Age 17-18
Favourite Colour Usually Yellow or Blue
Favourite Movies
Best Friends Barbie & Teresa
Shopping Style Glam, like Barbie
Favourite Activity

Christie was Barbie's first African-American friend. She met Barbie back in 1968. Christie (along with Steven) are the characters were more next to Barbie, Christie was however on several lines, as Beach, Fashion lines and since she was introduced to Barbie, always shared a threesome with Barbie and another friend(Sometimes Midge ,sometimes Teresa...). Her last appearance was in the payline Beach Fun Christie in 2005.
Nevertheless, the beautiful black everal appearances being ground collector line: "Red, White 'n Warm ™ Doll Christie ®", or group being the "Pop Life Christie ® Doll."


The second friend of Barbie, chronologically speaking (after Midge) is a beautiful black with chocolate brown skin, normally straight hair to her waist (since she is African, possibly part of her family is Indian, or she uses megahair ). She has hazel eyes, and also a fleshy mouth, usually with light pink tone lipstick.

Unlike other black friends of Barbie, she has had pink, blonde, hazel, blue, purple and other hair colors in different lines according to the theme of each of them.


Unlike most black dolls, Chrstie (besides having an obvious athletic side, like Barbie) that draws more attention to her is her glamorous side.Basically on all versions of Barbie, Christie is by giving your final touch in the laundry. Normally using yellow as their favorite color, with her Barbie for example, are the two unique dolls line SUPERSTAR, and SUPERSIZE.

Christie wears glamorous clothes as Barbie, but always warm and bright tones like yellow and light blue.



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