Commuter Set #916 is a Barbie fashion that was released in 1959.[5] It was manufactured from 1959 to 1960.[6] A reproduction is worn by the Commuter Set Barbie Doll.[7]


"A two-piece cotton jersey suit epitomized the classic look of the late 1950's. The collarless navy cardigan in the style of Chanel topped a matching sheath skirt with side zipper and shank button closure. Two blouses for versatility included. For a day at the office, a casual nylon blue and white mini-check body blouse with collar and single button; For an elegant dinner suit look, Barbie® doll chose her white satin sleeveless body blouse. A three-flower silk hat was available in red or a bright rose. The opening cardboard hatbox came in red with black cord handle. The Barbie signature was followed by a ™ in earliest sets and by an ® in later ones. Other accessories were a long double strand "crystal" necklace, matching snake bracelet, and navy open-toe pumps. Some NRFB sets have been found with variation white vinyl gloves (like Peachy Fleecy #915), others have the tricot gloves."
Barbie Fashion: Volume 1, Collector Books[8]



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