The Barbie Corvette is a toy car made for Barbie and friends, licensed under Chevrolet in agreement with Mattel.

It is by far the most re-occuring Barbie vehicle to date, with numerous versions spanning over 4 decades with design cues mimicked after the Corvettes of the time. The only other Barbie vehicle that has also been re-occuring is the Barbie camper.

History and Background

The first car Barbie ever drove was an Austin Healey, first introduced in 1962. However, to maintain Barbie's "all-American" look and lifestyle, Mattel wanted Barbie to drive an all-American car. Thus introducing the Barbie Corvette in the 1970's. Usually colored pink, the Corvette has made an appearance in Barbie's lifestyle in every decade since it's debut, and has become Barbie's signature car.