Cruise Stripes #918 is a Barbie fashion that was released in 1959.[5] It was manufactured from 1959 to 1960.[6] The dress was used in Roman Holiday #968, and a reproduction of the dress was included in Original 1959 Barbie Doll, Fashions & Package as part of Roman Holiday. Barbie is pictured wearing Cruise Stripes #918 on the Barbie Train Case.


"The perfect sailing ensemble! A red and white ribbed cotton strapless bodice topped a navy skirt in this zippered back dress. Accenting the outfit, a white plastic belt with buckle and black open-toe pumps. This dress was also used in #968 Roman Holiday. Dresses found missing the clothing label were actually from Roman Holiday, while tagged dresses are Cruise Stripes sheaths."
Barbie Fashion: Volume 1, Collector Books[7]

The dresses have a cloth tag saying "BarbieTM" if they were made in 1959. If they were made after, the tags say "Barbie®". The dress has no tag when it is part of Roman Holiday, and instead the tag is in the coat.[8]


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