Exclusive Interview: People Magazine Catches Up With Barbie is a Barbie Vlog video.


"People Magazine sent a list of questions to Barbie to get the insider information on her new vlog series. Discover what #Barbie is planning for future vlogs, who may be making a guest appearance, and who Barbie’s celebrity obsession is! Check out Barbie's Interview online or pick up People Magazine today!"[1]


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Barbie: Hi! Okay, so People Magazine noticed my vlog and asked me some questions, and I thought it'd be really fun to answer them in a post!

[1. Why did you decide to start a vlog?]
Barbie: "Why did you decide to start a vlog?" Um, you know what? Actually, Skipper gets the credit for that. I mean, my friends and I are always sharing ideas: new music, favorite movies, food ideas, style tips... but it was Skipper who encouraged me to start an official video vlog. So, here we are!

[2. Has the response been what you expected?]
Barbie: "Has the response been what you expected?" I mean, I had hoped people would like it, but I never expected People Magazine to notice and wanna ask me question! It's... it's pretty awesome.

[3. What's an upcoming vlog post you're really excited about?]
Barbie: Oh, right, "What's an upcoming vlog post you're really excited about?" Oh, well, uh, you know, I don't know. I just like being spontaneous from post to post. I did think about doing a style challenge for my fans, and Skipper did promise to do a guest tutorial on making beats, but she's kinda camera shy, so we'll have to see. I just like finding inspiration everywhere: other bloggers, fan comments, trends I see... anything funny.

[4. What do you hope fans will get out of following your vlog?]
Barbie: "What do you hope fans will get out of following your vlog?" Um... I guess I hope that they learn new things about me and that they get inspired by some of the things I post on the vlog, just like I'm constantly inspired by them and the things that they post. I just love the social aspect of being a video vlogger and being part of this powerful community. It's so great!

[5. Who's your celeb crush?]
Barbie: "Who's your celeb crush?" Oh: Zendaya... Taylor Swift. I mean, who doesn't admire them, right? Their music is great, their sense of style is amazing. I mean, did you see what Zendaya wore to the Met Gala? That was incredible. But I also just love them as people. I mean, they're hardworking, creative, extremely smart, not afraid to stand up for what they know is right.

[6. What's the one thing you always keep in your purse?]
Barbie: "What's the one thing you always keep in your purse?" Um... well, when I carry a purse, or a backpack, I always make sure to have honey sticks, of course. I also always have a journal so that I can write or draw anything that I see or think, and my lucky pebble, which always makes me feel a little bit more confident when I'm nervous.

[7. What are your summer plans?]
Barbie: "What are your summer plans?" Y-you know, we actually have a really busy summer planned; We're gonna go back to Wisconsin to visit some family, which I always love; um, I have a great job at the animal shelter that I'm really looking forward to; and I will, of course, be practicing my paddleboarding, because practice makes... well, it makes you better. I also wanna make sure to plan some downtime because some of my best ideas come from being... bored.

[8. How would you describe your personal style?]
Barbie: "How would you describe your personal style?" I think it just depends on the day. You know, I've never been someone who wanted just to have one personal style. I guess that makes me eclectic? I love to get dressed up, be elegant, I love to dress down and wear shorts and a t-shirt... I just don't wanna be boxed in. Who does?

[9. Are we going to meet the rest of your friends, family and maybe even fans in your videos?]
Barbie: Oh, this is good. "Are we going to meet the rest of your friends, family and even fans in your videos?" Yes!

[10. We need to know: What's the deal with the soda?]
Barbie: "We need to know: What's the deal with the soda?" Um, I think I'm gonna save that for another vlog. Maybe I'll do a Draw My Life. PACE!


  • Barbie says that Skipper hasn't appeared in a vlog because she is camera shy. However, in Barbie A Perfect Christmas, Skipper has her own vlog.


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