Generation Girl International High School is a playset for Generation Girl.


  • Cool electronic school & rockin' dance floor!
  • Working Microphone to make school announcements and sing along with your favorite tunes.
  • Inflatable Couch
  • "Computer" & "Fax Machine"
  • Cafeteria Table & Food Pieces
  • Fold-out Dance Floor
  • Microphone for sing-a-long and announcements



"International High rocks! The Generation Girl friends are puttong on the ultimate dance party!"


"The Generation GIRL International High School is an exciting set for a young girl to play with Generation GIRL Barbie and Barbie's friends, and pretend that she and Barbie are classmates at International High. Collectors can use this fabulous set to make elaborate display vignettes for all your Barbies and friends that you've dressed in young hip fashions. This playset includes expandable walls and a working P.A. (Public Address) system, so you can really play out school scenarios. You can even use it to hook up your own music or sing along to your favorite tunes! Each scene has a detailed background and lots of realistic accessories. The cafeteria comes with different plates of food, drinks, trays, a table with bench, and a lunch counter. The locker room has a locker that opens for each Generation Girl and the Generation Beat work room has an inflatable couch. There's even a dance party scene with a dance floor, disco ball, and confetti! This playset is recommended by the manufacturer for children ages 6 and up, and the dolls are not included. It requires 3 "AA" batteries, which are not included. Includes: Inflatable couch, computer and fax machine, Cafeteria Table and Food pieces, Fold out dance floor and microphone for sing-a-long and announcements. For ages 6 years and older. Requires 3 AA Batteries, not included. Dolls and wood floor not included. Music and sing-a-long requires CD player!"[2]