The Generation Girl Nichelle doll (25767) was released in 1999. It came with a display stand.



Generation Girl

Nichelle Doll

The Generation Girl friends are having a blast at spring jam - International High's coolest dance party!

Getting ready for the dance party with Lara!

"Eatz" - where we hang out after school!

Mari and I Karaoke singing a karaoke duet at Spring Jam Festival!

Barbie is a great photographer; I love posing for her!

Barbie, Tori and I rockin' out to the hip music played by Blaine!

Cool Facts:
Nichelle Williams
Birthplace: New York City
Fave way to chill: Paint my nails
N.Y. fave eats: Soft pretzel and mustard
Coolest hang out: Dance club
Favorite music: Jazz
Word that best describes me: Funny
Career goal: Model

Cool display stand included!

Check out the hottest website for girls -! Take the mega personality quiz, join the Generation Girl Club and submit your own article for Generation Beat!

Read all about the Generation Girl friends at International High in New York City! Look for their book series wherever books are sold, subject to availability.

Colors and decorations may vary. Dolls cannot stand or pose alone. Background accessories not included. Dolls and books sold separately, subject to availability

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