Infobox |Box title = George Roberts |Row 1 title = Full name |Row 1 info = George Roberts |Row 2 title = Family |Row 2 info = Marlene Roberts (sister)
Margaret Roberts (wife)
Millicent Rawlins (sister in-law)
Barbie, Skipper Roberts, Stacie Roberts, Kelly Roberts/Chelsea Roberts, Krissy (children) |Row 3 title = Occupation |Row 3 info = Engineer/Archaeologist |Row 4 title = Age |Row 4 info = 45 - 48|Row 5 title = First appear |Row 5 info = 1960|Row 6 title = Middle Name|Row 6 info = Richard + Carlos George Roberts is the father of world known, teenage doll Barbie.


George Roberts is an engineer. He is the husband of Margaret Roberts and father of Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Kelly/Chelsea, and Krissy. He has never been seen in a movie yet, but we have some information about him. He appeared in Barbie's first book, with his wife in 1960.


George Roberts is kind, a little serious and a smart man. He often reads newspapers and watches TV. He also loves to talk about everything from: sports, work, films, fashion and so on. He loves his job and is a very active person. He really loves Barbie and wants everything good for his family. He has four children: Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Kelly/Chelsea, and Krissy. He had a son named Todd, but he was eventually discontinued. His sister is Marlene Roberts, who appears in "Barbie: In A Pony Tale". He also has a sister - in - law, named Millicent. He is a tall and charming man. He must be 45-48 years old.

Relationship with Barbie

Barbie is George's first daughter. They have a really great father - daughter relationship. They love spending time together. They often travel, wash the car, play in a game of change, joking and to watch TV together. George tries to teach Barbie everything he knows. He is very fun and loyal to her. He is happy to have a daughter like Barbie.

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