Honey is a toy horse released in 1982. She is a show pony belonging to Skipper, and Skipper loved to go horse riding with Barbie and Ken.[2] The contents are Honey the horse, a ribbon, a brush, a comb, a bridle, reins, a cinch strap with a Velcro faster, a riding pad, and instructions.[3]


"The show pony to pamper and love!"

"She'll be the prettiest horse in the show!"[4]


  • "Groom her soft mane and tail!"
  • "Soft, comfortable mane and tail!"
  • "Soft riding saddle!"
  • "Red & tan bridle and reins!"
  • "Comb and brush!"
  • "Doll sits on the horse!"
  • "Action posed!"
  • "Red decorative ribbon!"
  • "Skipper, Barbie or Ken dolls can ride Honey!"[5]


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