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Kira Wang first recieved fame in the 1990's as a fab friend of Barbie, Teresa, Christie, and Midge. She soon climbed to the top of the group of friends and became the leader. Kira had big things cut out for her, and soon had to leave her friends for a while, Kira soon excelled in many areas such as being the captain of the Genki-Genki league in Japan and being a supermodel. Kira made a return in March 2013 as a pop superstar. Kira Wang, marketed as "Global Superstar: Kira" shocked the world with her hidden golden voice, first revealed when she performed a never heard before song ( Soon to be Sassy Individual) at Barbie Roberts' birthday bash. The Golden Girl of Mattel Media Records, Kira's hit debut smash single "Sassy Individual' slayed music charts, and propelled her into overnight superstardom of unthinkable proportions. Kira is now featured in the "Barbie Fashionista" toy line. In 2016 Kira returned as part of the "Barbie Careers" toy line and "Barbie: Made To Move" toy line.

Global Superstar: Kira

As explained above, in March 2013, Kira Wang was signed to Mattel Media Records after her angelic voice was discovered when she performed at Barbie Roberts' birthday bash. Since then she has topped music charts around the globe. Her debut album 'Queen Of The World' recieved an RIAA Diamond certification after achieving over 10,000,000 sales. 'Queen Of The World' is the first debut album ever by an artist to go Diamond within the same year of it's release. The album consisted of

  • The cover of Kira's debut album "Queen Of The WorldGo to Listen/Download "Queen Of The World" Here!
  • The cover art for Kira's debut single 'Sassy Individual'!Go to Listen and Download 'Sassy Individual' by Kira Wang here!
  • The cover art for "Your Sweetness" by Kira WangGo to Listen and download 'Your Sweetness' here!!
  • The single artwork for "Fly Girl (Hangin' With the Butterfly)"Go to Listen and Download the song here!!
  • Fly Away/Serious Fun Double-A-Side cover artGo to Download and Listen to the songs as part of her "Queen Of The World" album here!
  • The cover art for the Sassy Buns remix of Kira Wang's debut single "Sassy Individual!'Go to Listen and Download "Sassy Individual (Sassy Buns Remix)" here!!
  • The Deluxe Version of "Queen Of The World" marketed as "Queen Of The World: Reloaded"Go to Listen And Download the Deluxe portion of "Queen Of The World" here!
  • The Promotional Poster for Kira Wang's "Queen Of The World Tour"

August 2013- Present: Sophomore Album

In August 2013, Kira debuted her debut single from her TBA sophomore album entitled "Smile". Listen and Download Here A week later, she performed the song at the 2013 VMA awards opening the show right before Lady Gaga hit the stage. The single was an immediate hit, recieving record breaking sales, and within 25 days went platinum, becoming the second fastest single ever by a female artist to become platinum. (In second to only the single I Want It by U.S. recording  artist Dominique which hit platinum within 18 days of its release). Later, Kira announced her second single "Fated (In The 80's)" Listen and Download Here which was a huge success and went Gold within 24 hours of its release setting a new record. On September 14th, 2013 Kira announced that her second album is titled 'In Control" and will be released on September 24th, 2013. Kira's new album will explore a different sound than her first album, as she is evolving as an artists and is talented enough to do all types of sounds.

The Kira Wang Project

is being headed by Mattel in a very discrete way to attempt to chart a fashion doll on real world music charts and develop a real pop superstar without the unfair advantage of added promo from Mattel. Mattel is looking forward to produce another third album for Kira expected early in Spring 2014.


  • Katie Wang (Sister)
  • Jenny (Sister)

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List of Kira Wang Doll Releases (1990 - Present)

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