The My Room Generation Girl Nichelle doll was released in 2000. Product number: 28987.



You can WIN your very own cool Generation Girl room!
Valid in U.S. only. Entry deadline 12/7/01. Details on bottom.


My Room

Generation Girl
For ages over 6 years.

Walls, furniture, expanding room—it's all inside!

It's party time!


Get to know me:

My name is...
Nichelle Williams

My room is...
The perfect place for beauty makeovers with my friends!

I love my...
Portable vanity, 'cause it goes where I go!

One day I'll be...
Walking down a fashion runway in Paris!

Quote for the day:
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"

"Don't you just love your new look, Lara?"

"Hey Barbie, check out my latest fashion find!"

"This nail polish color your picked for us is way cool, Ana!"

Generation Girl

Nichelle Doll

"Let's do makeovers at my place!
I've got everything we need!

Check out my best friends' rooms:

The prize for most creative goes to... Lara!

Ana knows what she likes—the beach!

Barbie gave her room that star quality!

This super sporty room is 100% Tori!

Mari is totally techno, just like her room!

Colors and decorations may vary from those shown.
Dolls with rooms sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone.

Look for the Generation Girl book series where books are sold, subject to availability.

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