Mystery Squad is a doll and toy collection from 2002. It consists of four dolls and the Mystery Squad Headquarters play set. It was featured in the June 2002 issue of Barbie Bazaar.

Official Description

"Who is the... Mystery Squad

They're the coolest crew of mystery solving teens. Use your imagination and these four friends to solve fun mystery capers.

There's a mystery to be solved. The Mystery Squad leaps into action!

Barbie: Night Mission Specialist Activates her night vision goggles and prepares for a pursuit on her pop-out skates.

Kenzie: Surveillance Specialist Drops in with her grappling hook after her detective dog gives the "all clear."

Drew: Communications Specialist "Transmits" important information with her signaler.

Shawnee: Information Specialist "Captures" data with her scanner and "downloads" it to her laptop computer.

The team meets back at the secret Mystery Squad Headquarters. The prom queen's stuff is missing! It's another case for the Mystery Squad...

Find out more at

Two fun prom queen accessories included with each doll to help you solve the mystery!"[1]



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