Nichelle Williams is a character from the Generation Girl doll line. She had 3 dolls and 3 fashion packs, and she appeared in Generation Girl Gotta Groove CD-ROM and the Generation Girl books. In the books written by Melanie Stewart, Nichelle's surname was Watson.[1].




Nichelle was born in New York City. She goes to International High School with her friends. Nichelle is funny, confident and witty. She likes biology, dancing, listening to music, painting her nails, and the color blue. Her favorite food is a turkey wrap and her favorite thing to eat in New York is a soft pretzel and mustard. Nichelle's bedroom is the perfect place for beauty makeovers with her friends. She loves her portable vanity, and she aspires to be a model. She enjoys swing music, and she has a song called "Go, Barbie, Go".


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