Number 1 2 Ponytail Barbie Doll 850 original swimsuit

Product Code: 0850-1959


Release Date: 1/1/1959

Made of flesh-toned plastic, the first Barbie® dolls wore a black and white knit swimsuit that was used through 1961. In 1959 the accessories were white sunglasses with blue lenses, black open-toe shoes, and hoop earrings. Characteristics of #1 and #2 dolls were very similar, with one exception — #1 had drilled holes in her feet to fit on her doll stand. #2 did not. Both dolls were available as a blonde and brunette. Facial characteristics included arched brows, black eye paint, colorless pupils, and bright red lips. All dolls had red nail polish on hands and toes.

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