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Parodies and lawsuits

Barbie has frequently been the target of parody:

  • In 1993 a group calling itself the "Barbie Liberation Organization" secretly modified a group of Barbie dolls by implanting voice boxes from G.I. Joe dolls, then returning the Barbies to the toy stores from where they were purchased.[37][38]
  • Malibu Stacy from The Simpsons episode "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy".
  • Aqua's song "Barbie Girl" was the subject of a lawsuit by Mattel.[39][40]
  • Two commercials by automobile company Nissan featuring dolls similar to Barbie and Ken was the subject of another lawsuit in 1997. In the first commercial, a female doll is lured into a car by a doll resembling GI Joe to the dismay of a Ken-like doll, accompanied by Van Halen's You Really Got Me.[41] In the second commercial, the "Barbie" doll is saved by the "G.I. Joe" doll after she is accidentally knocked into a swimming pool by the "Ken" doll to Kiss's "Dr. Love".[42] The makers of the commercial said that the dolls' names were Roxanne, Nick, and Tad. Mattel claimed that the commercial did "irreparable damage" to its products,[43][44]but settled.[45]
  • Saturday Night Live aired a parody of the Barbie commercials featuring "Gangsta Bitch Barbie" and "Tupac Ken".[46] In 2002, the show also aired a skit, which starred Britney Spears as Barbie's sister Skipper.[47]
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno displayed a "Barbie Crystal Meth Lab".[citation needed]
  • Mattel sued artist Tom Forsythe over a series of photographs called Food Chain Barbie in which Barbie winds up in a blender.[48][49][50]
  • In November 2002 a New York judge refused an injunction against the British-based artist Susanne Pitt, who had produced a "Dungeon Barbie" doll in bondage clothing.[51]
  • Mattel filed a lawsuit in 2004 against Barbara Anderson-Walley over her website, which sells fetish clothing.

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