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In the western United States a peaceful culture of Native American Indians thrives. Rooted in ancient traditions of respect for the land and nature as well as a powerful spiritual heritage, the tribal people known as the Navajo, endures. Princess of the Navajo™ is a princess of the proud Navajo Nation wearing traditional dress and authentic jewelry. Many Navajos continue to wear traditional clothing daily and especially for ceremonial or social gatherings. Princess of the Navajo™ wears a woven shawl in ceremonial colors with symbolic and stylized patterns. Princess of the Navajo™ also wears a necklace of turquoise-colored beads with a “squash blossom” pendant and a “concho” belt in silver and turquoise tones with earrings and a sunburst broach. The long printed skirt an
d dark open-necked shirt are consistent with everyday wear for most Navajo women even today.

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