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Raquelle was first seen in The Barbie Diaries with luscious orange/blonde/pink toned hair. Later on Raqu
Queen of the night cover
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elle was known for her icy blue contact lenses, eye lid tape,lip injections,and raven black hair. In 2013 Raquelle took off the eye lid tape and removed her contacts for her first studio album self entitled Raquelle.

Later on in 2013 Raquelle made headlines by crashing Global SuperStar Kira's iconic "Queen Of The World Tour". Numerous threats were made by the Asian glamour puss diva via her official facebook including bomb threats, vulgar posts about Mattel Media's main publicist Oprah and her various superstar clients. Due to the bomb threats Kira Wang had to clear the building.

Kira clearing the bulding inspired raquelle to make an offical DVD titled "Shanoniquinz wit fullaz" which includes footage of Raquelle and Personal Terrorist Fulla planting bombs around the stage. Also included is her full 10 minute concert titled "The r+r's tour". The tour had guest apperances by Lovely Patsi and Defa Lucy. The tour only had one stop.

Later on in 2013 Raquelle reached out to her then enemy via her facebook begging the flaw free global super star's forgiveness "You have some great performances and sum timez u dont."

Ever since that post both the Asian divas have been civil with each other. Raquelle is featured on one of the tracks off of Kira Wangs new album "In Control."

Raquelle is also featured on the track Ms Pacman from Teen Queen Star Jazzie's second album "For a New Year"

Raquelle recently released the deluxe edition of her debut album with bonus previously unreleased tracks.

Raquelle first performed the debut single off her second album at the 2013 VMA's.

The single "Glitter Sticker" was certified gold recently.

Raquelle's sophomore studio album "Queen Of The Night" showed the world a new side of the Asian Glamour Puss with a new sound described as "Glitz Glam Ooh La La meets club thomping hitz".

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