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Full Name Unknown
Creator Unknown
First Appearance 1972
Last Appearance 1973 (?)
Age 18 (?)
Favourite Colour Unknown
Favourite Movies Unknown
Best Friends Unknown
Shopping Style Unknown
Favourite Activity Unknown

This doll was available as Busy Steffie, Talking Busy Steffie, and Walk Lively Steffie. Though the character was discontinued after only a year, the face sculpt created for Steffie has been in use continuously ever since. The character is notable in that none of the three Steffie dolls featured the same eye color/hair color combination.


No fictional history.


Steffie has three different appearances. As Busy Steffie, she has brunette hair and blue eyes. In Busy Talking Steffie, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Finally, in Walk Lively Steffie, she is a brunette again and has brown eyes.


No information.


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