Barbie appears in the Disney Pixar films, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3


Toy Story 2

Al's Toy Barn

"What a great party!" -One Barbie partying in the Barbie aisle
"How low can you go? How low can you go?" -Barbies doing the Limbo

A bunch of Barbies were first seen in Toy Story 2 partying in an aisle at Al's Toy Barn. Rex, Hamm, Mr. Potato Head, and Slinky Dog drive by this aisle, looking for Woody, when the Barbies catch their attention. After Hamm asks for directions to Al (the owner of the store), Tour Guide Barbie navigates them around Al's Toy Barn.

Tri-County International Airport

"Hi! You'll like Amy. She's an artist!" -Amy's Barbie as she shows her half drawn-on face to Stinky Pete

After Andy's toys track down Al's suitcase at the airport to save Woody, they have a fight with the Prospector, who wants to take the Roundup Gang to Japan. Once they stop him by using the flash from cameras from someone else's luggage, they put him in a Barbie backpack that belongs to a girl named Amy. She is surprised by the new "big ugly man doll" as she retrieves her backpack. She puts her Barbie doll in a backpack next to Stinky Pete, to whom she plans to give a makeover. The Barbie next to Stinky Pete tells him he'll like Amy because she's an artist, as she shows Amy's modifications to the other side of her face.

The morning after Andy's toys return home, Wheezy sings in celebration and three of Molly's Barbies provide backing vocals.


"And so you two are absolutely identical? You know, I'm sure I can get you a part in Toy Story 3. I'm sorry. Are we back? Oh! All right, girls. Lovely talking with you. Yes, anytime you'd like some tips on acting, I'd be glad to chat with you. All right, off you go then." -Stinky Pete talking to two Barbies in his box

(During the outtakes, two identical Barbies were conversing with the Prospector when he was supposed to be filming a scene. He said he would get them a part in Toy Story 3. Although this does not happen, a different Barbie does appear in Toy Story 3.)

Toy Story 3

One of Molly's Barbie dolls had lasted up until this point, but she was later donated to Sunnyside Daycare Center, along with Andy's toys (who
File:Barbie bawling.png
had snuck into the box bound for Sunnyside) now that he was going to college. Although Barbie was initially saddened, she soon caught sight of and fell in love with the Daycare's Ken doll (unaware that he worked under Lotso). However, discovering that Ken and the other Sunnyside toys had locked up her friends, Barbie broke up with Ken and was subsequently locked up with the rest of Andy's toys. She was part of Woody's plan to escape Sunnyside, when she distracted Ken by making him show her his many outfits and later tied up Ken toandpaddleball made him reveal where the manual to reset Buzz Lightyear was. She disguised herself using Ken's space suit and made Bookworm give her the Buzz Lightyear manual. She unscrewed Buzz's back compartment so Woody and Rex could have access to the "Play-Demo" switch and the reset hole, respectively. Despite Buzz still believing to be a real Space Ranger (but reset in Spanish), Barbie and the toys attempted to escape Sunnyside, but Lotso and his gang cornered them. Ken then appeared, and his love for Barbie had made him stand up to his former master, effectively protecting her, as well as her friends. When the toys were being loaded into a garbage truck, Barbie wanted to help, but was stopped by Ken from risking her life.

She and Ken later made up, becoming Ken's girlfriend once again, and they both revolutionized Sunnyside, becoming its new leaders. They turned the daycare center into a true toy paradise for toys of all kind and welcomed new arrivals, including Emperor Zurg and Sarge and his two last paratroopers.



  • In Toy Story 3, she is based on the real life 1983 Great Shape Barbie toy.
  • Barbie was meant to appear in the original Toy Story as Woody's girlfriend, in place of Bo Peep. However, Mattel would not allow the use of Barbie because they didn't want her to be given her own personality (it was important to them that the girls who buy the toys would imagine what Barbie is like themselves, thus making the toy unique to each girl). After Toy Story was a success, Mattel decided to put that policy aside and allowed her to appear in Toy Story 2, and also with her boyfriend Ken in Toy Story 3.